Photography by Shannon McMillen
Food photography by Sea1Media
Drink photography by Shannon McMillen

Precision, attention to detail, using the freshest ingredients

This is the makings of a Great Cocktail!

At La Bodega, our mixologists have mastered the true elements of cocktails and have brought to you their finest signature drinks. We are known for our “Up in Smoke”, an “Old Fashion” that has been taken up a notch by our head mixologist Nick Bestrop. Nick is a native of the central coast, but his bartending experience flourished in San Diego, where he recently relocated to create a masterpiece bar at La Bodega.

Come try our “Up in Smoke” and experience the perfect cocktail that displays the disciplined technique, a core flavor that can be balanced and seasoned to create a harmonious result.

We also are adding a new line up of signature drinks called “Spring Fling”!

.Photography by Shannon McMillen

Live music

Wednesdays 6-9pm & Sundays 5-8pm.

Call for details.


.Photography by Shannon McMillen
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