Farm to Table

La Bodega proudly supports local farms! Our tapas are made with fresh, locally grown ingredients including meats and cheeses sourced from our partner creameries and meat purveyors. Once you taste our tapas, you’ll know why La Bodega has become a local favorite!

Our Source Partners

Bautista Farms

Located in the heart of Arroyo Grande farmland, Huasna Valley, lies Bautista Farms, owned and operated by Apalonia and Manuel Bautista who have been farming their land with exceptional vegetables and berries for over 25 years. Manuel Bautista can be heard describing his passion for farming as,“ love what I do and want to share my knowledge with the community.” The farm is its 2nd generation, now mostly operated by Jacinto Bautista who exhibits that same passion for growing the freshest produce available. He seeds all his plants by hand and the crops are picked by hand daily. They only sell what they grow.


Founded under the philosophy of creating some of the finest salami’s in the Central Coast, Alle-Pia has made a name for itself. Each small batch of Alle-Pia products is created with love by the talented chef and owner, Antonio Varia and Alex Pellini, his nephew. The salami, sopressa, calabreses and pancetta are all handcrafted under careful supervision in their USDA inspected state of the art facility located in Atascadero, California.

Alle-Pia is crate-free, vegetarian fed pork, no hormones or antibiotics, no nitrates or nitrites, and preserved without chemical using a natural extract of swiss chard. They use only the finest spices from around the world and local wines from Paso Robles and imported from Italy to add distinctive flavors to their products.

Central Coast Creamery

For Reggie Jones, creating Central Coast Creamery was a dream that realized itself in 2012. Reggie had worked in the dairy industry for over 25 years when he decided to start Central Coast Creamery. Choosing the right location on the Central Coast was key. Reggie choose Paso Robles because of the important dairy heritage that the area is known for.

Central Coast Creamery focuses on making small, handcrafted batches of cheese using 500 gallons or less of quality milk that is free of artificial hormone and sourced from local dairies. They specialize in aged cheeses that harness the artistry of blending different milks and manufacturing processes

Farmgirl Creamery

Katy Pankey owner and cheesemaker of Farmgirl Creamery is a Cal Poly graduate who feel in love with the colleges robust cheese program and began to tinker with the art on her own time. What started in a barn about 9 years ago, in the hills of Santa Margarita, has turned into an unstoppable passion for many locals who seek out to find Farmgirl cheese. “There is so much more to it than you’d think. There’s a big science aspect, but it’s also an art form. Combining the two makes it really interesting.”

Farmgirl cheeses are all handcrafted in San Luis Obispo County using hormone-free and antibiotic-free milk. Katy’s first production of cheese was her fromage blanc, made with all natural sheep’s milk. The delectable cheese is milder than goat’s milk and more flavorful than cow’s milk cheeses. Farmgirl also produces a semi-hard cheeses from cow milk, as well as a few blends of cow and sheep milk.

Vintage Cheese

Ryan Davis, owner of Vintage Cheese has a passion for cheese. He has been able to create creamy textured cheeses with great flavor by using fresh Jersey cow, sheep and goat milk from the family’s farm, created without the use of hormones or antibiotics. All his cheeses are handcrafted in small batches. They are made using century old recipes, perfected with time and a slow pasteurization process. Vintage uses an open-vat practice to allow them to carefully monitor each batch from beginning to end, ensuring the best flavor in each and every wheel. They offer a wide variety of textures and flavors including smooth and creamy, herbal & earthy, peppery & spicy and bold and buttery.